I believe that good design has the ability to address the needs of people and communities in terms of function/program, economics, socio-cultural systems, and environmental conditions, to name a few. In fact, design, as a discipline, is one of the only professions that is forced to interface with all of aspects of society, the human experience and the natural world as part of the practical work we do.

Having worked as an engineer, and later as an educator, I had the opportunity to engage with society in more discrete ways. While both of these professional opportunities were rewarding in their own way, I feel called to approach community service in a more holistic discipline. I feel that architecture and design provides me the opportunity to develop tangible, sustainable solutions for people and communities, while aiding and empowering them to shape their own experiences.

It is the design process that allow us the opportunity to build resilient community by drawing upon the many aspects of our world and, consequently, manifest a better human experience. We do this all while preserving the world for future possibility. This is what inspires and drives me.

As an architectural designer, I see myself as a public servant – honoring the past, providing for the present, and preserving the future.

My Resume



Building Community: a building reuse plan

An historic school may no longer serve as a school, but can serve the community as a multi-use community center.  This project reviewed the program, renovation and financial demands and opportunities of the reuse of this beautiful and loved town building.

Living With The Sun

This project used solar access as the main form generator of a multi-unit residential building located in an alley parking lot in Old Town Quebec City.

Integrated Neighborhoods

Public housing is often segregated from surrounding neighborhoods.  This project focused on maximizing units while creating new connections to the surrounding neighborhood and town.

Urban Livestock

Food systems currently often leave a greater divide between low-income consumers and the source of their food.  This project works to bring agriculture into the urban neighborhood, increasing awareness and agency in regards to food availability.    

Resilient Communities: East Boston

East Boston, with its older housing stock, high renter population, and proximity to sea level, is at particular risk of suffering from sea level rise.  As a Huxtable Fellow, I worked on studying the risks to the residents and current building stock.  We then started to facilitate a conversation on how the community may improve …

Creating Community

Community theater offers community to engage in a collaborative artistic endeavour.  This type of work creates social and cultural connection that sustains and creates community.  This project was focused on creating a space around the making of art, rather than the viewing, as that is the real gift of community theater.